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Hello! We're confident that you have (almost) every reason to be satisfied as an employee of this company!

Today, we're giving you one more reason. 😉 Because our organization appreciates the business travel & corporate events services provided by Aerotravel, we believe you'll also enjoy the vacation packages offered by the Aerotravel Group. Whether you dream of a stay in Europe, an exotic experience in the Caribbean, Asia, or Africa, or a cruise on any of the world's seas and oceans, your wish is as good as granted!

You'll be even happier knowing that Aerotravel offers you a 5% discount on all tour packages, meaning those that include transportation, accommodation, and transfers. Plus, you'll benefit from many other valuable perks, such as the advice of an experienced travel consultant, 24/7 support throughout your vacation, medical and cancellation insurance tailored to your needs, and tourist assistance in most destinations.

To avail yourself of these benefits, choose your destination from the options below and the period in which you desire your stay, then enter the code received from the HR Department in the final step of booking. Aerotravel consultants will assist you with reservations whenever you need.

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