Skopelos Village Suite Hotel is located in Skopelos island where the green forests meet the blue Aegean Sea. The hotel complex is situated just 600m away from the port and has a unique view of the open sea and the picturesque town thus making it the ideal environment for relaxation and refreshment by the sea. The new era for Skopelos Village started in the summer of 2007 with an impressive renovation. The sensation of freshness shows in the suites and the two swimming pools, where the visitors can relax under the shade and the aromas of the honeysuckle, jasmine and lavender trees which grow in the wonderful climate of the island. There is also a beach in front of the hotel which the guests can alternatively enjoy. The hotel of Mamma Mia stars! The architecture of the Skopelos Village Suites follows the minimal lines of the Aegean Sea style and white is dominant in all the buildings. On the other hand the inspired colorful interior decoration and the practical arrangement of the rooms provide all the up-to-date luxuries as well as a mush desired freshness which anyone would long for during the carefree summer days. All the people here at Skopelos Village we thought of a recipe to make your stay at Skopelos island even more pleasant, carefree and above all exceptionally delicious. We named it Agioli which means garlic and the ingredients that we used to prepare this are the breathtaking view of the village of Skopelos, a warm friendly atmosphere, a variety of unforgettable Italian tastes, a team willing to satisfy all your needs and of course basil, fresh tomatoes, black pepper and a hearty appetite. Agioli of Skopelos Village opens early in the morning and it accompanies you till the time you wish to end a beautiful summer evening. The secret is to visit us after 8 o’clock and the unique colours of the sunset will certainly exceed any expectations.

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Transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport; Handling service; Avion Bucuresti - Skiathos 2024 Bucuresti - Skiathos; Taxa aeroport BUH; Avion Skiathos - Bucuresti 2024 Skiathos - Bucuresti; Package discount; Package commission; Rounding; 40% deposit is charged upon confirmation.Remaining balance upon check- out from the hotel.

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